5 Shifts for Healing Life Burnout

For Men & Women Who Over Do It

In this Complimentary Master Class you will learn:


  • The step-by-step process I use with my clients use to go from a stress level of 8/10 to 0/10... from completely overwhelmed to calm, from unsure of themselves to confident and empowered. (How lovely would that be?)


  • The 5 steps my clients use to feel at peace and calm as a baseline, versus stressed and anxious all of the time. (Yes please.)


  • The little known secret my clients use to reconnecting to or finding their passion. (And we all need some passion.)


  • How to STOP (or avoid) spending years and thousands of dollars on medications, supplements, and therapy to deal with anxiety, stress and overwhelm (and wouldn't that be super amazing?!).


  • How my clients go from feeling overwhelmed and drowning in guilt, pressure and self-criticism -- to knowing and FEELING deep down they are good enough. (Because you are indeed good enough...)


  • And how to do all of this while reigniting your passion and living your life on fire.  (Yesss)

 Sound good? Then reserve your spot now so you can discover how to powerfully heal your life!


A little bit about me:

I am Erika, and I am an Emotional Health Expert, Healer, and Coach. I am a former Nurse and Nurse Practitioner, and I was tired of seeing women constantly burning out and not knowing how to stop. And the kicker was... I was one of them. I was constantly stressed, on the go, and working to be perfect.

Through my own healing process, I found ways to stop this for myself and my clients, and now I am passionate about sharing these self- healing secrets with you!

It is possible to live a life where you consistently feel calm and peace. Join me in this complimentary webinar to find out how. 

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Erika Shepard

Hi, I'm Erika Shepard! I am an Emotional Health Expert serving as a Healer and Coach. I am a good girl gone bold, living a life on fire. My mission? To teach people how to heal themselves so they feel consistent peace, calm, and joy in their life.